Xpio (pronounced x-p-o – a riff on latin, to improve health) is a technology and behavioral health consulting firm located in the Pacific NW of Washington State with consultants throughout Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada and customers in 20+ states.

Our goal is to provide transformational technology and services to the behavioral healthcare field. We believe in the unlimited possibilities of ideas. And we believe that our customers are engaged in some of the most important work that there is to do. And for us, that means doing whatever it takes to help you succeed. Whether it’s configuring you EHR system, implementing predictive analytics, evaluating vendors, helping protect your network, updating your policies and procedures, or tackling your accounts receivables and making sure you get paid for the good work you do, there’s only one measure of our success – your success.

About Us

Xpio’s mission is to provide transformational consulting and information technology services to mental health and behavioral healthcare organizations. We specialize in Medicaid and Medicare service delivery providers, mental health clinics, and CMHC’s.