Tracy Ivey

Director Implementation

Working in both the private and public sector, Tracy brings 20+ years of healthcare experience to the billing, architecture, and implementation of EHR systems with specific and extensive experience in the Netsmart suite of products and myAvatar systems. Tracy leads up Xpio Health’s billing and technical architecture division and is expertly skilled and experienced in Business Analysis for implementations and beyond including Planning, Recommendations and Roll Out, System Design/Redesign as a Solutions Architect to meet multi-level requirements and needs, System Optimization and Best Practices for agency wide ease of use, Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution, Staff Training/Reorganization and Process or System Documentation. Tracy has a heavy background in Accounting/Finance with focus on Electronic Billing, Eligibility, Remittances, Revenue Cycle Management, Front Desk Operations and getting your clients and dollars in the door as efficiently and effectively as possible.