Integrated Care

People with mental illness and substance use disorders may die decades earlier than individuals without these conditions mostly, from untreated chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Integrating mental health, substance use, and medical services improves service access, coordination of care, customer satisfaction and produces the best outcomes for people with multiple healthcare needs.

Xpio is experienced in program evaluations, readiness assessments, fit-gap analyses, and program redesign and can assist with incorporating integrated care into your service delivery. Our data warehouse and data visualization tools can assist in optimizing your technology in order to track and report on desired health outcomes.

In our current healthcare environment, it is becoming imperative to be able to demonstrate that the care you provide improves health outcomes for the populations that you serve. Integrating care demonstrates commitment to addressing population health needs, allows easier tracking of outcomes, and is a model sought after and often incentivized by health plans and other payers.

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