Quality Management

Quality Management is crucial to any business, regardless of the industry.  Effectively managing quality can transform healthcare organizations so that they become known as great places to get care and great places to work.

A well-developed Quality Management process:
  • Is leadership driven
  • Is customer focused
  • Involves all employees
  • Uses an established evaluation process
  • Emphasizes continuous improvement
Activities included in an effective Quality Management plan:
  • Establishing necessary policies and procedures
  • Determining compliance with applicable local, state, federal, and contractual regulations
  • Pursuing and maintaining industry-specific accreditation(s)
  • Identifying and managing areas of risk
  • Implementing effective utilization management processes
  • Managing resources efficiently
  • Continuously monitoring and improving

High quality means success and ensures happy customers and happy staff and that is what every organization strives for at the end of the day. Xpio has extensive knowledge and experience in developing and implementing effective quality management plans using industry-standard tools. Contact us for help in deploying an effective quality management strategy.