EHR Implementation

Implementing an Electronic Health Record system is one of the most significant technical projects a behavioral healthcare organization will embark upon. If this is your first EHR project, you’re in new territory. And if you're going through this a second time, you know the work that lies ahead. There are a myriad of questions you will need to answer, workflows to discuss, and the choices you make today will have a significant impact on both your software system, and your practice workflow.

Xpio has expertise and experience in the full life cycle of EHR Implementations. Whether you’re just starting your journey and in the vendor selection phase, or underway with your project, we’ve got the knowledge and tools to assist.

Knowledge Areas

  • Vendor Specific EHR knowledge
  • Technical configuration, report writing, form development, modeling, interface and software customization
  • Workflow analysis in a behavioral healthcare setting
  • System design and architecture
  • Meaningful Use expertise