Managed IT Services

Xpio’s 2016 partnership with Marcus Networks Inc. blends the capabilities of a seasoned MSP organization into Xpio’s HIPAA compliance team, enabling us to offer a turn-key IT augmentation or outsourcing solution that is tailored for behavioral healthcare.

Xpio’s HIPAA Managed IT Services is designed specifically for behavioral healthcare organizations. With HIPAA MSP, Xpio brings HIPAA oversight, technical controls, and a security framework into an innovative IT support model, allowing organizations to augment or outsource IT Operations with the confidence that HIPAA Compliance is at the core of their system design and ongoing maintenance.

Xpio’s staff hold ISC2 certifications specific to HealthCare Information Security and Privacy (HCISPP), and we’ve conducted dozens of security risk assessments and audits. In addition, over the course of working closely with behavioral healthcare organizations to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with CMS, State Medicaid regulations, Meaningful Use, Managed Care contract requirements, Insurance requirements, and 42 CFR requirements, Xpio has compiled a robust set of network and infrastructure design requirements that also take into consideration end-user accessibility which enables us to offer HIPAA compliant IT support solutions, tailored to behavioral healthcare providers.

  • Xpio’s HIPAA compliant Managed Services model includes solutions for:
  • Enterprise email encryption
  • Enterprise managed laptop and desktop encryption
  • Secure and auditable file transmission
  • HIPAA compliant chat and text solutions
  • Mobile Phone encryption
  • Network intrusion detection and end-point monitoring
  • EHR Hosting
  • HIPAA compliant backup and disaster recovery
  • Redundant / always-on internet via bonded multi-WAN router solutions
  • Fusionware VPN options for network speed upgrade to remote users and systems
  • 24 x 7 x 365 help desk for HIPAA and IT support

And Xpio’s key difference is that we understand the relationship between privacy, security, and end-user experience. As a result, our solutions are not one-sized and take into account the environment unique to behavioral healthcare organizations.

Managed IT Services