Management & Team

Thaddeus Dickson, CEO – HCISPP, CCSFP

Thaddeus is the founder and CEO of Xpio Health and has spent the past 25 years immersed in behavioral healthcare and technology. Thad comes from a case management and counseling background, and has spent the majority of his career focused on helping people and organizations use technology and tools to improve the quality of care they deliver with a focus on organizations in the behavioral healthcare space. Thad melds his passion for helping people and improving health with his love of technology and science, and is constantly focused on evolving the technology and solutions Xpio offers to our trusted partners.

Thad has led the security and technology practice at Xpio Health since it was founded, and is a CISO for key partners across the healthcare ecosystem holding ISC2, HITRUST, Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud security credentials and certificates. Thad is a frequent author and speaker on issues related to behavioral health and national healthcare and a recognized expert in technology and security solutions for behavioral healthcare organizations.

Traci Crowder, COO

Traci Crowder is a proven leader with more than 30 years of healthcare experience in clinical, administrative, and consultant roles in the hospital, behavioral health, and primary care settings responsible for Quality Management, Medical Records, Information Technology, Risk Management, Program Development and Evaluation, Utilization Management, Staff Development, Education and Training, and Service Delivery. She enjoys helping staff and clients solve problems with the goal of always leaving things better than she finds them. Traci enjoys doing anything outdoors including hiking, backpacking, kayaking, snowshoeing and spends time off doing something adventurous.

Jill Johnson

With more than 25 years of experience in the behavioral healthcare industry, Jill Johnson has developed a deep understanding of the billing, financial, and technical aspects of operations. She has extensive experience working with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, both from a technical and operational perspective. As Director of EHR Services for Xpio, Jill oversees all EHR-related projects from procurement, implementation, optimization, and support. She is knowledgeable about how these systems can be integrated into the broader operations of a healthcare organization.

Bill Bright

Bill Bright is a seasoned EHR Implementation and Support expert focusing on billing, bringing more than two decades of healthcare experience to the table. Building strong client relationships is Bill’s passion, tailoring solutions to meet their specific needs to ensure his clients’ success. He focuses on billing and expands his knowledge into clinical areas like form building. Outside of work, Bill enjoys running marathons and exploring new places.

Bryan Masters, CCSFP

Bryan Masters is a Client Manager specializing in Security and Compliance with more than six years of experience in healthcare and more than 20 years managing technology and communications projects across various industries. He engages with organizations to help them meet and exceed their security and compliance regulations standards. In his free time, Bryan enjoys traveling and working on creative projects.

Eftalina Pano

Eftalina (Lina) Pano works as Help Desk Technician for Xpio’s customers and assists with EHR implementation projects. With professional history as a medical scribe, she brings valuable experience in EHR systems and recording patient data. She works on CareLogic implementations and ongoing client support, specializing in form-building and system configuration. Lina also assists with ticket maintenance for a Health Information Exchange Help Desk. She enjoys working with clients to understand their goals and support their success, and she loves being part of an amazing team with diverse expertise at Xpio. She is passionate about learning and growing. In her free time, Lina enjoys outdoor exploration and cooking new recipes.

Jessica Twineham

Jessica Twineham is Xpio’s Billing Manager-HR Coordinator. Jessica started her career in education as an Operations Manager before switching to healthcare. She is an expert in managing billing and collections, as well as overseeing the maintenance of billing and document storage systems. She also handles HR tasks like training new employees and managing medical and retirement enrollments. When she’s not working, Jessica loves to travel, garden, and try new recipes in the kitchen.

Keith Clark

Keith Clark is a Client Manager who focuses on technological solutions for behavioral healthcare customers, utilizing his clinical, programming, and report-writing skills to find and provide solutions for Xpio’s clients. With 23 years of experience in healthcare, Keith’s passion for solving problems and puzzles drives his work. Keith enjoys various hobbies outside of work, from cycling to playing with his two Great Pyrenees and recently learning Vietnamese, his birth language. Keith has been with Xpio for six years, helping customers navigate the challenges of integrating new or existing EHR into their organizations while creating reporting and software configuration customizations.

Matthew P. O’Reilly, CISSP, CCSFP

Matthew P. O’Reilly is a seasoned Cyber Security Architect with over 20 years of experience in managing and securing critical information systems. Specializing in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and cryptographic solutions, he has led numerous high-impact security projects across various industries. Matthew is a certified CISSP and CCSFP, recognized for his expertise in GRC and cybersecurity frameworks.

Randy Wills – Semi Retired

Randy Wills has 35 years of cross-industry experience helping clients identify, justify, deliver, and manage information technology solutions. Substantial experience in the healthcare arena, including behavioral health agencies, State Medicaid agencies, commercial payers, pharmaceuticals, and life and health sciences. Although Randy has stepped away from daily operations, he continues to support Xpio’s customer and sales needs, and is always up for a good cup of coffee or a road trip.

Raymond Byfield

Raymond Byfield has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare. He is skilled in implementing EMR systems and supporting EMR go-lives, as well as data retrieval and analysis using SQL, Crystal Report, Power BI and other data applications. In his spare time, Raymond enjoys sports and is a car and aviation buff. He’s also an avid traveler and reader. Raymond’s love for using data to extract valuable insights for clients is what he enjoys most about his work at Xpio.

Robert Janisch

Robert Janisch is the Cloud Computing specialist for Xpio. With more than 30 years of technical consulting experience, Robert has worked with large corporations like Microsoft and AT&T, as well as non-profit organizations. He has consulted with municipal, county, state, federal, and indigenous nation agencies. At Xpio Health, Robert is a Health Information Exchange consultant and an expert in cloud and internet resources like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Zoho PaaS. He is also certified in Data Visualization and is an advanced WordPress and SharePoint administrator with expertise in Adobe Creative Cloud. Robert has been with Xpio for 9 years and has 15 years of experience in healthcare. And if that’s not enough, Robert and his Colombian partner run a salon in Bogota.

Oluseyi (Seyi) Elliott, CGRC

Seyi Elliott is a Solutions Consultant with expertise in building reports and supporting clients with EHR implementation and optimization. With a Master’s in Management Information Systems and Business Administration, Seyi is skilled in business and data analysis and visualization. He takes pride in solving client EHR concerns and problems, turning their data into meaningful information. Seyi has also spent the last two years apprenticing in the security and compliance division of Xpio, and as of 2024 is now an official credential holder of the ISC2 CGRC. When not working, Seyi enjoys watching comedy skits and reading inspirational books.

Stevyn Fessler

Stevyn Fessler is a Solution Consultant-Business Analyst with a knack for providing decision-makers with the best information to help them better serve their patients and staff. An experienced SQL Report Writer and Data Analyst, Stevyn has mastered various data management, reporting, and analysis tools, including SQL, R, Power BI, Tableau, Excel, and Pentaho. When not working, he loves attending live shows such as concerts, theater productions, and sporting events and spending quality time with his wife playing board games.

Sunithi Kuruppu

Sunithi Kuruppu has more than 17 years of experience in Behavioral Healthcare and Healthcare Information Technology. Sunithi specializes in project strategy and stewardship for large-scale HIT implementations and initiatives, successfully bringing together stakeholders with diverse priorities. She has worked with public and private sector clients, earning accolades such as the Department of Health and Human Services Agency Director’s Award of Client Service Excellence. Sunithi is also a bird enthusiast and an avid runner who has completed several half marathons and one full marathon.

Whitney Strauss

Whitney Strauss is a Client Manager at Xpio. She has more than 17 years of analytics experience and has implemented multiple systems, including EHR, CRM, Inventory, and Commission systems. Also a seasoned marketer, Whitney loves solving problems, whether through data, research, or a new system. Outside of work, she enjoys camping, clam digging, and random adventures with her super cute puppy.