Management & Team

Thad Dickson, CEO

Thad started as a clinician in the late ’90s working with children and families in rural Washington State and has remained involved in behavioral health as a non-profit board member and volunteer for the last 15 years. After working in the consulting industry and co-founding a tech company in the mid-2000s, Thad turned his attention back to his behavioral healthcare roots and launched Xpio Health in 2010.

Traci Crowder, COO

Traci brings 26 years of healthcare and education experience in clinical and administrative roles in the hospital, community mental health, and primary care settings responsible for Quality Management, Medical Records, Information Technology, Risk Management, Program Development, Utilization Management, Staff Development, Education & Training, and Service Delivery.

Xpio Health

Technical Resources

Xpio has a talented team of consultants with a diverse skill set in EHR Services, Technology, IT, HIPAA Compliance, Management Consulting, and Data Visualization and Analytics performance management.