Xpio Analytics

Xpio Health's Data Visualization as a Service DVaaS

As healthcare becomes increasingly reliant on data, analytics help us identify opportunities related to the quality of treatment and drive efficiency in business operations.

Xpio Health’s Data Visualization as a Service (DVaaS) has been going through a significant upgrade, and is now known as Xpio Analytics. Xpio Analytics is a cross EHR data platform that rapidly and securely connects with your EHR data (Arize, Credible, CareLogic, InSync, Netsmart Avatar and MyEvolv, NextGen, SmartCare and custom EHR’s) to extract meaningful insights from your EHR, HR, General Ledger system, shaping it into visualizations and dashboards that drive unprecedented insights related to your organizational objectives.

Xpio’s next generation analytics uses a FedRamp inherited security model built on AWS’s trusted healthcare stack, with a full integration into Microsoft and Google identity provider login module. Xpio supports integration with leading EHRs, multiple database systems, and is now offering AI enhanced visualizations and data queries that allows users to ask syntax questions of their data. With the new advanced Xpio Analytics, we’re also supporting near real time data refresh models, as well as SSO integration with your EHR as well as integration directly into select EHR systems. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

Once your data is gathered and transformed, we load it into easy-to-consume dashboards that provide insight into your treatment outcomes, payment cycles and operational processes. Interactive visualizations illustrate your story as it evolves, helping you shift from reactive to proactive and prompting meaningful, data-driven decisions.

  • Analytics transform data into meaningful information
  • Analyzes data from EHR and multiple other sources
  • Customization based on organizational requirements and objectives
  • Integrated with Excel
  • Fully compatible with a variety of powerful data visualization tools
  • Not tied to any specific EHR system
  • Designed by individuals who understand behavioral health requirements and outcomes


First things first: Objectives

We’ll work with you to help identify your data requirements and desired analytic objectives. What’s missing? What’s meaningful? What moves the needle? What do you need to learn, track and share? Developing strategic goals ensures meaningful outcomes.


Visualize it: What matters?

Leverage the data in your EHR to build custom visualizations to illustrate your identified measures and multiple dimensions. For example, track appointments, client demographics, clinical summary, services rendered, financial info, staff productivity and regulatory compliance.


Collect and Organize

Create analytics dashboards for quick visualization of your most important data. Here’s where we move beyond traditional charts and graphs to assemble the visualizations into dashboards suited to various user types, serving up custom data for your executive team, your clinical managers and your board of directors.


Ongoing support

Xpio Health’s guidance ensures data and dashboards stay relevant to your organization’s objectives. Our ongoing support ensures you can grow your organizational vision as ideas emerge and processes mature.


Managing by metrics

We’ll help you create a solid data program to support your strategic objectives. The DVaaS goal is a clear view of organizational information to empower your agency to make prompt, confident, data-driven decisions. Let our healthcare experience help guide you to solid outcomes.