Xpio Health provides transformational consulting and information technology services to behavioral healthcare organizations. We are a nationally recognized expert on strategic information technology, electronic health record systems, EHR implementation and HIPAA compliance, all in the context of behavioral health.

We have helped numerous clinics, behavioral health agencies and psychiatric hospitals procure, negotiate, implement, support and succeed with a diverse range of technology choices, from EHRs to analytics to regulatory compliance.

Helping organizations leverage technology to succeed is a cornerstone of our consulting practice. When we examine a particular technology, it’s through the vendor-neutral lens of better care, better outcomes and improved efficiency of operations.

Xpio Health’s staff of qualified and talented experts have knowledge of and experience in multiple EHR systems, project management, risk assessment, healthcare service delivery, revenue cycle management, performance and quality management, technical analysis and support, Medicare and Medicaid-funded behavioral health service delivery and healthcare privacy and security requirements.

Xpio’s expertise spans a spectrum of healthcare issues

  • EHR Consulting
    • EHR Procurement
    • EHR Implementation
    • EHR Optimization
    • EHR Training
    • EHR Strategy
    • EHR Compliance
  • Data Analytics
    • Data Visualization as a Services
    • Power BI
    • Custom Reporting
    • Data Strategy
  • Security and Privacy Compliance
    • HITRUST Assessment
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Staff Training
    • Security Risk Assessment
    • HIPAA / 42 CFR Part 2
    • Cybersecurity