EHR Consulting

Xpio Health specializes in Electronic Health Record EHR consulting.

Xpio Health’s expertise with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems helps organizations ensure they are efficient in providing the best care possible and are being reimbursed appropriately. From vendor evaluation to procurement to implementation and optimization, an EHR is the single most important technology tool in the behavioral health arena.

Our knowledge and experience extend through the entire lifecycle of these systems and provide healthcare organizations with the competencies required to ensure it all runs smoothly. Our consultants have extensive behavioral health and technology backgrounds and understand behavioral health requirements and workflows, and we are experts in the configuration of effective billing processes for Medicare and Medicaid-funded services within public, private and non-profit agencies alike. We also know every organization’s needs are unique, and we maintain a vendor-neutral view of the EHR marketplace.

Whether you’re planning your first EHR or replacing a legacy system, there are hundreds of questions to answer, technical processes to resolve, workflows to discuss and choices to make that will have a tremendous impact on your agency’s staff, money, technology profile and practice workflow.

Xpio’s end-to-end familiarity with multiple EHR systems means we can support you where you need it most, at any point in your EHR journey.

EHRs must be optimized to ensure all parts are working on behalf of your company and the clients you serve.

EHR Optimization

Xpio Health’s optimization services begin with a thorough organizational review to evaluate how effectively your current EHR supports your team’s unique operational, financial, clinical, regulatory, and technical needs and regulations.

Optimization guidance may include:

  • Fit-Gap Analysis
  • EHR Maturity Evaluation
  • Recommendations
  • Forms and Reporting
  • Billing Process Review
  • Optimization Work Plan
  • Remediation of Identified Issues

Procuring the right EHR is a huge milestone in your organization's journey.

EHR Procurement

Selecting the right EHR from the vast array of available options is a decisive and positive achievement for any healthcare agency. Our familiarity with multiple EHR platforms (and, in many cases, their leadership and teams) gives us a unique, vendor-neutral perspective on EHR selection and implementation strategies to meet your specific organizational needs and budget.

Procurement guidance may include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • RFP Development
  • Vendor Evaluation
    • Billing Review
    • Compliance Review
    • Forms and Reporting Review
  • Demo Management
  • Contract Negotiation

Effective implementation is the key to sustained success for healthcare organizations.

EHR Implementation

Effective EHR implementation is the key to sustained organizational success. Our accelerated, cost-effective implementation includes data collection forms and reports for efficient data extraction and submission.

Implementation guidance may include:

  • Workflow Analysis
  • Billing / Revenue Capture Assessment
  • Forms and Reporting
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Technical Training
  • Reporting and Analytics