Do I Qualify for Meaningful Use?

If you’re like alot of medical providers or facilities reading the news these days, you’ve got some questions about meaningful use. And the first question you’re probably asking is, do I qualify for incentives? It’s usually followed closely by, how much? And then right after with, what do I have to do?

If you’re with a Community Mental Health Center, here’s the easy version;

1. Are you a MD or ARNP or does your organization have MD’s or ARNP’s on staff? (full time, part time, contract, residents? Fine.)

2. Did you see 30% volume of Medicaid patients in your State during a 90 period? (saw 4 patients, 2 were medicaid = 50%. You meet the threshold. Really.)

3. Have you Acquired, Implemented, or Upgraded to a certified EHR system? (doesn’t have to be installed yet.)

Ok, that’s the first step. And that step could equal $21,250 for year 1 per provider, and $63,750 over 6 years per provider, if you continue to meet the requirements.