HITRUST: Streamline Third-Party Oversight While Minimizing Assessments

In the evolving world of Behavioral Health, the security and confidentiality of patient data is job one. Behavioral Health executives and IT managers are the gatekeepers of this sensitive information. Understanding the value of HITRUST certification can be key in managing third-party security and easing the burden of constant assessment requests.

HITRUST, or Health Information Trust Alliance, collects various regulatory standards, including HIPAA, to provide a high level of data protection, demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding patient data for Behavioral Health organizations and their business associates.

In particular, the HITRUST e1 Assessment, an integral component of the HITRUST CSF (Common Security Framework) Assessments, offers a fundamental cybersecurity approach with its 44 controls. This is particularly beneficial for Behavioral Health entities new to HITRUST or intending to progress to more comprehensive assessments, offering adaptability to new risks such as ransomware and phishing. Ideal for low-risk organizations, the e1 Assessment serves as a gateway to more extensive assessments like the HITRUST i1 or r2.

The stipulation of HITRUST certification for vendors not only streamlines the selection process for behavioral health entities but also instills a uniform data protection standard, significantly diminishing the need for repeated assessment requests. This efficiency is a testament to the flexibility of the HITRUST CSF v11 framework, which empowers organizations to elevate their security posture in response to the evolving cyber threat landscape. This scalability ensures that organizations can address immediate security needs while preparing for future enhancements, a benefit especially crucial for smaller agencies with limited resources.

Moreover, the framework incorporates the latest cybersecurity best practices and regulatory requirements, ensuring organizations are prepared for future changes in the cybersecurity landscape. At Xpio Health, as a certified HITRUST external assessor, we provide trained resources to organizations to assess compliance with security control requirements. Our services include assessment preparation, gap analysis, remediation support, and ongoing guidance to maintain and improve HITRUST certification status.

The adoption of HITRUST certification signifies a shift from traditional assessment methods to a structured and comprehensive approach, simplifying compliance and enhancing the effectiveness of security measures. It builds market trust and demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of data protection, streamlining compliance and reducing the burden on internal resources, particularly benefiting smaller Behavioral Health agencies.

Remember, maintaining HITRUST certification requires ongoing effort to continuously align with emerging threats and regulatory changes. At Xpio Health, we guide you through the path to HITRUST certification, aligning with your commitment to protecting patient data.

Have you considered how HITRUST certification can elevate your organization’s data security and compliance? Let Xpio Health guide you through the process. Reach out to us today.