Sequel partners with Xpio for Meaningful Use

Sequel Youth and Family Services is a privately owned company that develops and operates programs for people with behavioral, emotional, or physical challenges. Sequel is one of the largest private behavioral healthcare organizations in the US, and operates in 18 States.

Sequel is in the process of implementing a Netsmart Technologies EHR system but given the diversity and complexity of their operations, knew they would need specific expertise to establish an organizational Meaningful Use Compliance Program. Xpio Health successfully responded to Sequel’s request for services, and is well on their way to getting Eligible Professionals across multiple states registered at NPPES, CMS, and multiple State Medicaid systems.

Xpio Health is also working on volume calculation reports per Medicaid threshold requirements, cross walking locations and NPI’s, and moving through our well established process of on-boarding EP’s into the Meaningful Use curriculum.